Many of the rings that we sell are from estate sales, cleaned and polished for sale, the listing will clearly say whether it is new or pre-owned.

WHY do we sell salvaged Jewelry?

I believe nothing is ever truly lost or broken. Nothing lasts forever despite even our greatest hopes that it will. What’s more, there are just some things that are easier to fix than others, and fine jewelry isn’t necessarily one of them. We know renovating jewelry to its original luster requires a lot of creativity, experience, and above all, honesty. That is why we like to take on the challenge of rescuing jewelry that can be replenished and selling it at a discounted price.

The Challenges Of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Repairing sterling silver jewelry always presents unique challenges.  Working on sterling silver is more difficult than working with gold. Most jewelry stores will not even touch silver jewelry. 

If a sterling silver piece can be made to look great again, I can do it, however, difficulties with sterling jewelry include a risk loosing the piece all together. Sometimes, I can come up with innovative solutions to circumvent the problems in repairing sterling silver jewelry.  

An additional concern is that a lot of sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive costume jewelry  or made in third world countries at third world labor prices.  In contrast, when I acquire a new lot of silver jewelry,  it can be a one-o-a-kind custom work. Because of this we can offer low prices compared to most.

Pre-owned jewelry restored.